I’m just thankful for friends I can tell my secrets to

sometimes you have to play to your strengths and challenge yourself in them

it’s hard for me to buy a nice gift, but I know I can write a damn good letter, and I challenged myself to be as genuine, honest, and vocal as possible, resulting in one of the best notes I’ve ever written. for once I’m not looking to compare other peoples’ gifts to mine; I’m so proud of what I did, and I would feel blessed to get something like this

it’s absolutely insane how much I’m learning about myself this summer. I feel like a new person.

it’s my boss’s appreciation day tomorrow, and I’m absolutely horrible at giving gifts, but I hope she feels appreciated by the novel I wrote her


crushes are deadly

ugh y’all understand I’m so grateful

crushes are deadly


zayn’s tweet is really gonna make his millions of fans that may not have been informed actually look deeper into the Palestinian genocide and take a stand this is what celebrities need to use their fame for

blood red toes and tin foil fingers; am I hip and cool now???

aesthetic goals: color blocking like a rothko, white walls like jo bear, cut outs like matisse, angles like mondrian

remember Oscar Isaac

Love is All

The Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt

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Love is all from what I’ve learned, but my heart’s learned to kill.

probably my favorite song ever. oh, I said we could rise/from the harness of our goals/here come the tears/but like always I let them go


George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

sorry just can’t get over how cool we are


Daddy Yankee - Barrio Fino

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this lovely lady also told me today I’m chosen as one of her bridesmaids for when she gets married (whenever that may be) and for some reason I got ridiculously emotional about it and realized just how important friendships are, and that I should focus on them more than anything else rn

still really emotional